Professional Field Experience (PFE)

  • What is a PFE?

    Hamburg Area High School students wishing to gain experience in a particular career field may do so through the Professional Field Experience or PFE. This program connects classroom learning with career opportunities and serves as an important component of the high school experience. Our PFE program provides students with opportunities to explore careers that match their personal interests and skills while gaining real-world experience and mentorship in an occupational field. These hands-on experiences allow students to be better prepared for their future and give them the flexibility to experiment with different occupations before they invest their time and money on further training or education after high school. 

Internship Infographic
  • Who can participate in a PFE?

    PFE is open to junior and senior students, may be paid or unpaid, and can be customized to meet a student’s schedule and intended outcomes.  The PFE may also include training or a post-secondary component. PFE students are released from school for 1 or more periods a day to attend their PFE at a business, non-profit organization, school, or other workplace setting.  

  • Why should students complete a PFE?

    Students participating in a PFE gain hands-on real-life work experience in a career field of their choosing. This work experience is a great boost to a resume or college application as it sets students apart from their competition. PFE gives students a chance to try something different while still in high school. Most people would never purchase a car without test driving it. PFE is a student’s way of test driving a career before they invest their time and money to pursue an occupation that may or may not be the right fit for them.

  • Did you know?

    Hosting interns at your workplace is key to building your employee pipeline. Talk about a return on investment!

  • Are you interested in hosting a PFE student within your workplace?

    We are always eager to add employers to our PFE family!

    Contact Mrs. Shannon Del Conte at

    610-562-2241 ext. 2145