My Home Page

  • Hello and welcome to Ms. B’s home page. A little bit about me:

    I have had the pleasure of teaching at Hamburg Area High School since 2004.  I came to Hamburg from teaching 5 years at Leesylvania in Woodbrige Virginia. I teach a variety of subjects based on my student’s needs. Each year brings many challenges and pleasures.

    In addition to teaching, I have had the pleasure of being the Sophomore Class advisor since 2006. I hold meetings with the class officers to organize fundraisers for the class as well as facilitate activities held such as May Day.

    I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Special Education from George Mason University in 2001. I have also completed at Master’s Degree in Secondary Education English from Kutztown in 2009. I am a perpetual student as well as educator.

    I want to have a great communication relationship with my students and their families. We are all in this together and the more we work together the more success the student will have. You can e-mail me at any time at karbra@hasdhawks.org. You can also call the school at (610) 562- 3861 ext. 2108. If you leave a voicemail I will get back to you promptly.