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Thank you for visiting Mr. Kline's webpage.  For the 2018-2019 school year I will be teaching Advanced Placement (AP) United States History, 11th Grade American Cultures, Art History, and World Cultural Geography.    

The 11th Grade American Cultures course will focus on the major economic, political, and social events that have shaped the United States from the Spanish-American War (1898) to the present day. Current social and political events will also be discussed and studied throughout the course with the use of a school-wide model Congress.  

Advanced Placement (AP) United States History is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college or university U.S. history course.  The AP U.S. History course focuses on developing students’ understanding of American history from approximately 1491 to the present. The course has students investigate the content of U.S. history for significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in nine historical periods, and develop and use the same thinking skills and methods (analyzing primary and secondary sources, making historical comparisons, chronological reasoning, and argumentation) employed by historians when they study the past. The course also provides seven themes (American and national identity; migration and settlement; politics and power; work, exchange, and technology; America in the world; geography and the environment; and culture and society) that students explore throughout the course in order to make connections among historical developments in different times and places.  Current social and political events will also be discussed and studied throughout the course with the use of a school-wide model Congress. 

Art History is a chronological survey of the major social and political events of Western Civilization from ancient times through the 20th century.  The impact of these historical events on artwork will be explored and discussed in detail.  The course will begin with artwork from various ancient civilizations and will explore how outside social, economic, and political factors have altered the development of artwork throughout history. 

World Cultural Geography is an underclassmen elective that will focus on learning the major Geographic themes and how they are affecting the modern world.  A special emphasis will be placed on learning the reading, writing, and studying skills that will make students successful in future Social Studies classes.  

On this website students and parents can find a variety of materials relating to both of the previously mentioned courses. Course calendars with due dates for all assignments, projects, and tests can be found in the tabs on the left of the page.  My current contact information is listed at the bottom of the page and please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.   

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