• Hamburg Area High School Clubs 2023-2024


    Agricultural Science Club - Mrs. Bucheit

    The Agriculture Science Club is for students who are interested in agriculture and the environment.  Students from the club work in the greenhouse and on projects which promote agricultural and environmental awareness.


    Anime Club – Mrs. Geske

    Anime Club is an environment where fans of anime can come to watch Japanese animation, talk about manga, and socialize with their peers. Anime Club was created to facilitate a change of opinion people have about Japanese animation.


    Audio Technology - Mr. Laughlin

    The Audio Technology Club is all about being creative with sound and music. Learn how to make your own ringtones, record songs, digitize casettes and VHS tapes, create your own drum beats and make unique drum beats or sounds for a video game.


    B.I.O.N.I.C. (Believe It Or Not I Care) - Mrs. Wyles-Herbert & Mrs. Ponter

    Our B.I.O.N.I.C. Team was started to empower our students to reach out to their peers going through similar tough times to let them know they are “seen,” “valued,” and “cared for.” Through simple outreaches we reach out to our peers by providing New Student mentors (giving tours & helping new students get acclimated to HAHS), get well packets for students with extended sicknesses, etc.


    Delta Epsilon Phi - Mrs. Stevens

    Delta Epsilon Phi, the German National Honor Society, was instituted at HAHS in 1985. This society is sponsored by the AATG, the American Association of Teachers of German, a professional organization to which Mrs. Stevens belongs. German III and IV students who maintain a 90% average and who are members of German Club are invited to join. 


    Drama Club - Mr. Dreisbach

    The drama club's foremost function is the teaching of drama and all other areas of that field. The goal of the club is to help students realize their acting potential capabilities through the musical, play, and annual field trips. Lessons on lighting, scenery, makeup, costuming, and speech is covered during meetings. Knowing more than just "acting" can help both crew and cast better understand what needs to be done on stage. 


    Gaming Club - Mr. King

    A club to welcome all who enjoy games (Video games, board games, card games, tabletop games, etc). Students will have the opportunity to play a variety of games, to meet other people who play, and to organize larger game sessions. Mr. King stays after school every Friday until 4:30 for Gaming Club students who want more time to play.


    Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA) - Mrs. Eshbach

    A student-run club which provides a safe place for LGBTQ+ students and their Allies to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.


    German Club - Mrs. Stevens

    Are you in German 1 or have you already completed a course in German? Join us to promote German language and culture. We plan both foreign and domestic trips. We also take part in virtual and in-person activities with students from our GAPP partner school in Dessau, Germany. The Goethe Institut sponsors our club’s participation in activities such as the Wanderbus and Career Booster Days. A Club favorite is the annual visit to the Liederkranz for food and entertainment.    


    Jewelry Making Club - Mrs. Bucheit

    Jewelry Making club members will learn how to make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using beads, leather cord, and wire.  Each month will focus on a different project which will teach a new jewelry making skill. Learn how to make beautiful jewelry that you can keep for yourself or give away as gifts.  (The number of club members will be limited because of equipment and supply availability.)


    Jigsaw Club - Ms. Heckman

    Students work in groups of 2-3 to complete jigsaw puzzles.


    Leo Club – Mrs. McCarthy

    The Leo Club is the student division of the Lion's Club. In this service organization, students volunteer their time and conduct fundraisers to help others. Some of the projects include collecting eyeglasses for the Lion's Eye Bank, soda tabs for the Ronald McDonald house, cell phones, and stamps. They participate in walk-a-thons, parades, face-painting, and help the sponsoring Lion's Clubs with their breakfasts and events and volunteer in the community.


    Military History Club – 

    The US Military History Club uses simulations and games to recreate and analyze the decisions of military leaders found throughout history.


    Mu Alpha Theta Mathematical Honor Society - Ms. Heckman

    Eligible students in grades 10-12 will receive an invitation to join the honor society.  9th grade students are not eligible to join.  Eligibility is determined using the international constitution and our local bylaws.  Students meet each month to organize fundraisers, plan math awareness events, and participate in math activities.


    Pickleball Club - Ms. Kelly & Mrs. Deitz

    Pickleball is not only the fastest growing sport in the country but is also growing rapidly in Berks County. New courts and leagues are popping up all over Berks County. This club is for any student who is interested in learning the rules, skills, and strategies of pickleball to play competitive games. We will supply the equipment and teach you the skills and strategies, but you need to be willing to play by the rules, keep score, and apply your newly learned skills to the game.


    Prom Committee – Mrs. Trubilla (OPEN TO JUNIORS ONLY)

    Students participate in the entire prom planning including choosing the colors and prom theme, vendors, making decorations, deciding on a menu, building backdrops for photography, and choosing favors. Students will also be part of the physical preparation of the prom venue either on the eve or day of prom.  


    STEM Club - Mr. Lowe

    STEM Club is for students interested in doing a research project in science, computer science, engineering, or math. If you have an idea, I've got the support. Students will have the choice of presenting their project at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competetition.


    Social Studies Club - Miss Stauffer & Mr. Haegele

    The Social Studies Club runs short student-led, teacher monitored debates/discussions during club period. The club also tries to organize 1-2 large formal debates throughout the year on a student-chosen issue.


    Spanish Club – Miss Reppert & Mrs. King

    The Spanish Club coordinates meetings and activities which promote interest in and enthusiasm for the Spanish language and culture. 


    Students Against Destructive Decisions - Mrs. Ponter

    S.A.D.D. is a student-led, national health and safety organization that was established to empower young people to help each other by advocating for healthy decision making. Hamburg is looking to establish a local SADD chapter to engage our students in the pursuit of healthy decision making, to foster a sense of belonging, and to promote resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills to help young people in our community make positive life decisions. Members in this club would meet to discuss topics/issues that affect the Hamburg community and determine programs/activities to address these concerns. Fundraising would be required to set up various activities throughout the school year to address topics such as Substance Abuse Danger Awareness, Self-Care, Transportation Safety, and Personal Health and Safety. If you are interested, check out the website sadd.org to learn more and sign up to meet in the Virtual Learning Lab during club periods.


    Student Council – Mr. Gaul & Mr. Kline

    Student Council is responsible for activities like Homecoming, pep rallies, spirit weeks, the Holiday Dance, and various fundraisers throughout the year. The purpose of the club is to promote school spirit and provide fun, safe ways for the student body to interact, get involved, volunteer to help others in the district, and to be the student leaders and role models.


    TV Studio - Mrs. Eshbach

    The TV Studio crew meets each morning in Advisory period to produce the morning announcements for the school.  If you like production, camera work, anchoring, or serving your community with information and a positive attitude, then see Mrs. Eshbach to join.


    Tri M –  Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Dowd, Mrs. Kline

    The Tri-M music honor society is organized by the guidelines of the National Association for Music Education. Tri-M is the shortened version of “Modern Music Makers”.  Students who are Tri-M members maintain a B average in all classes, and an A average in all music classes.  Throughout the year, Tri-M members participate in community service projects, some music related and some not. Tri-M is open to all music students from grade 9-12, as long as the student is an active participant in at least one HAHS music ensemble.


    Unified Leadership Club - Mrs. Herber & Mrs. Stump-Dalton

    The mission of the Unified Leadership Club is to develop a community of understanding and compassion for people of differing abilities. Students in the club assist in the classroom, at special events, and possibly on field trips. 


    Yard Games Club - Mr. Reinhart & Mr. Gaul

    Students will compete in yard games in groups of 2.