EITC Program

  • Become Partners in Education! Join Us in the
    PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC)


    Dear Business Owner,

    The Hamburg Area Educational Foundation is hoping you will consider becoming partners with us. You can be actively involved in supporting the students of Hamburg Area School District by directing some of your tax dollars specifically to fund programs the District is unable to include in its budget.

    We are not asking for a donation.  We are asking that you consider participating in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, sponsored by Pennsylvania as a way to get businesses directly involved in providing funds for projects in their local districts.  You can have a positive impact on the students attending the Hamburg Area School District, possibly including your own children and those of your employees.

    Funds received yearly from M&T Bank, as well as funds received from Air Products this past year, have funded the following programs:

    • Music Ace Maestro, a program that enables elementary music students at Perry Elementary to have direct, hands-on experience with using a piano keyboard, receive instruction on individual keyboards and practice skills learned using software with lessons directed by the teacher.  
    • The Hunley Project, a unique experience that involved high students in extensive historical research into the events of the sinking of the submarine, Hunley, its historical significance during the Civil War, the conditions of the day, including weather, location of the event, location of a tower on the beach, and other aspects that influenced the cause of the sinking.  They then constructed three lanterns based on their findings.  The lanterns were then tested at the site of the sinking to determine the role of the lantern in the Hunley’s sinking. This was an incredible opportunity and experience.
    • Keys2Work, a comprehensive web-based career readiness program used by students in 9th through 12th grades, which assesses basic job skills, provides practice in academic skills specific to the student’s area of interest, and develops a career portfolio which provides a certification the students can present to employers upon graduation from high school.  This program has been funded yearly by M&T Bank since the 2008-2009 school year, and has been a wonderful addition to our students’ education. We greatly appreciate their efforts every year.
    • Outdoor Environmental Education Area, currently in process at Tilden Elementary.  This project will provide “Tilden Teaching Gardens,” of butterflies, vegetables and flowering plants, a water feature to conduct pond studies of fish, amphibians, and water plants, as well as opportunities for outdoor exploration of our environment for all of the students at Tilden.   Future funds hopefully will provide a similar outdoor area at the new Perry Elementary building.

    As you can see, the projects we have been able to provide for our students are varied and exciting.  All of these projects would not have happened without the EITC program, due to budget constraints in meeting all the needs of educating our children.  We need your help!

    "But Can't the School District Fund These Projects?"

    The Hamburg Area Education Foundation is a non-profit, community organization that is a separate entity from the Hamburg Area School District.  Our purpose is exclusively for charitable support of the Hamburg Area School District, its teachers, staff, and students.  The work we do helps fund unique educational programs and student opportunities that the District is unable to include in its budget.

    All projects must meet specific criteria as “innovative educational programming,” an advanced academic or similar program that is not part of the regular academic budget of a public school but that enhances the curriculum, with approval by the state Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).

    You can read about our charitable activities on the website at www.hasdhawks.org.  We will gladly meet with you to discuss your participation in the EITC program and to answer any questions you may have.

    Thank You to Our Partners in Education

    For those of you who have supported our efforts over the years with donations both great and small, we thank you.  We look forward to our partnership in enhancing the educational opportunities for our students in the Hamburg Area School District.

    One important note:  The deadline for applying to the program every year is July 1.  It is vital that your application be submitted on July 1 since the funds are expended on a first come, first serve basis and are depleted on that date due to the popularity of this program.  The DCED website for the application is www.newpa.com/eitc.

    Feel free to contact Miss Teresa McCarthy or Mrs. Clare Benz, EITC Coordinators for Hamburg Area Education Foundation, if you have any questions or would like to meet with us to discuss this program further.

    Contact Info:
    Teresa McCarthy
    EITC Co-Coordinator for Hamburg Area Education Foundation
    Phone: 610-562-2241 x2327
    Email: termcc@hasdhawks.org

    Clare Benz
    EITC Co-Coordinator for Hamburg Area Education Foundation
    Phone: 610-562-2241 x2145
    Email: claben@hasdhawks.org