Deutsch III

  • German III Class Policy                                                       


    1. German III is the third or fourth year of a post secondary curriculum elective; therefore, students will find that a high level of daily preparation and participation will be expected. The time needed for successful daily preparation this year is directly related to your last two or three years of achievement. All students will be given opportunities to stretch their knowledge and/or fill in the gaps caused by lack of mastery of past materials.  


    2. Arrive to class on time every day with a pen or pencil, your notebook (including clean paper), agenda and completed homework. You will earn points each quarter for completing written homework. Homework points are earned by honest effort, not correctness. Effort is not filling in “junk” at random. 


    3. Your grade is determined by the number of points you have earned for various assignments throughout a given quarter. This includes, but is not limited to homework, quizzes, tests, recitations, dialogues, and projects. All assignments are passed back to you either physically or virtually. This allows you to check your progress and score, and also politely bring any concerns to my attention if you feel that I have made a mathematical mistake or other error. Please check e-school often to confirm all grades are correct and track your progress.


    4. All paper handouts or returned assessments which I allow you to keep shall be kept in a notebook. If you want a tangible copy of a handout to use during class or at home and you lose yours, go online and print one if it is available. If I have given you a paper copy in class, I do not guarantee that it will be available online. Keeping returned assessments allows you to incorporate corrected material in future assessments or may serve as reference materials. More than one copy will not be provided by the teacher.


    5. Save all assessments completed on the computer in your student file before you send them me. 


    6. If you are absent from class (school approved or not), it is your responsibility to complete your assignments before or while you are absent when possible or when not, to make arrangements to complete the work upon your return. The number of days that you were absent equals the number of days you have to make up the work unless an extension has been approved by me within the number of days you were absent. Because of text and instant messaging, e-mail and computer access, it is often not necessary to miss or fall behind on assignments.


    7.  If you are caught cheating, you will receive a zero for the assignment. This includes allowing another student to copy your homework or any assessment with the intent of passing it off as his/her own.