Global Studies

Welcome to Global Studies!

  • Class Description:

    Global Studies is structured with the goal to have students geographically locate and identify areas of the world. It is also designed with the goal for students to be able to critically examine areas of the world, particularly regions with globally significant issues. Students will also be able to recognize prominent individuals involved in current world affairs and develop a basic understanding of how these individuals shaped and influenced regional history and government of various areas of the world. Finally, Global Studies will ensure student’s ability to make critical evaluations of current world affairs and to instill in each student a desire to keep informed of current affairs throughout their life.

  • We will be using Schoology for this course. On Schoology, you will find your class calendar, online copies of documents/notes, additional discussions and assignments, etc. 

    Students - You are required to check schoology on a daily basis.

    Parents/Guardians - I encourage you to check your child's class schoology page to keep track of their assignments along with regularly checking Home Access Center. 

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