Coaching Requirements

  • Applying for a Coach Vacancy

    Both internal (District employees) and external applicants who wish to be considered for a coaching position must complete an online application. External applicants must also upload their employment clearances as part of the application process. 

    All coaching staff must be Board approved prior to working for the District in any capacity.

    Mandatory Employment Training / Policy Acknowledgements - due within 2 weeks of date of hire

    The following courses are required as part of your employment with the District and are free of charge. These courses will be assigned to you through the District's Safe Schools account after Board approval for your hire has been obtained:

    1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes - 13 minutes
    2. Concussion Awareness - 16 minutes
    3. Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention - 22 minutes
    4. Sexual Harassment: Staff to Staff - 27 minutes
    5. Sexual Harassment: Student Issues & Response - 32 minutes
    6. Act 126 Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting (Part 1) - 60 minutes
    7. Act 126 Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting (Part 2) - 120 minutes
    8. Policy 806: Child Abuse - 15 minutes
    9. Policy 351: Alcohol, Drug & Substance Abuse - 10 minutes
    10. Policy 815: Acceptable Use of Digital Technology - 15 minutes


    Required Courses - due within 24 months of date of hire

    Pennsylvania law mandates that all coaches complete a basic coaching education program as well as a First Aid course within 24 months of becoming a coach. These courses are offered FREE OF CHARGE THROUGH THE HASD SAFE SCHOOLS ACCOUNT and will be assigned to you after your hire:

    1. Fundamentals of Coaching (11 courses total) - 291 minutes
    2. First Aid (6 courses total) - 131 minutes

    Certificates of completion for the above courses through NFHS and ASEP will be accepted for exemption. Please upload these documents with your employment application or provide them to the Director of Human Resources upon hire. 


    PIAA Requirements

    Upon hire, all coaches must create a Coach Profile on the Pennsylvania, Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) website. The profile process requires you to upload your clearance verification's as well as your course certificates once complete.  



    Applicants are required to complete an employment packet, that includes a physical examination and TB test with their doctor, and to complete the Criminal History Background Check, the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, FBI Federal Criminal History Record, and PA Act 126 Mandated Reporting Training. 

    Questions regarding career opportunities or required forms may be directed to the Director of Human Resources at 610-562-2241 x 1741.