• Personal Finance

    Mrs. Alspach 

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    •      Class Materials:


    You will need your agenda book, notebook, and pencil in class every day. If you are absent, your work will be in the folder in the back of the classroom. The folders are labeled by class periods. 


    1. Calculators:

                  You will be permitted to use a calculator in this class. It is strongly encouraged you purchase your own, it does not need to be scientific.  Calculators may be signed out for the year and you will sign a contract to ensure it is returned at the end of the school year. Cell phones may not be used as a calculator. 


    1. Make-up Procedure:

                 You must make up all missed assignments in a timely fashion (if you’re absent one day you should have your work made up in two school days). You must see me about any missed assignments. Absences, although unavoidable, should be kept to a minimum. The information discussed in this class will be valuable to your future. 


    1. Class Rules:

               Prompt- be there on time

               Prepared- have your materials needed for class, be in your seat and ready to learn by the time the bell rings

               Participate- ask questions, get involved in discussions

               Productive- complete all assignments on time


                    Cell phones- When students enter the room, they must place their phone in the bin. Non-compliance will result in a detention. If a student is non-compliant more than one time they will be referred to Mr. Buggy.


    1. Home Access Center:

              You and/or your parents should view your grades through Home Access Center on a regular basis.  E-mail HAChelp@hasdhawks.org if you need a password.




    1. Grading Procedure: 

             Homework- you may receive a homework assignment but almost all work for this class will be completed in the classroom. Every homework assignment is  “all or none” no partial credit will be given. Homework cannot be handed in late.  


             Classwork (graded worksheets)- we will complete several assignments during class. 


    *** Students may make corrections to any classwork they complete once it is graded and handed back. The student can earn full credit back for all corrected work.


             Quizzes- you will take several quizzes throughout each quarter. You will receive prior notice and there will be no quizzes without a notice. If you are absent when a quiz is given, you will take the quiz the day you return. 


    ***Corrections cannot be made to quizzes to earn credit back. 


              Tests- you will be given tests throughout each quarter.. Review packets will be given prior to the test and gone over in class. If you are absent when a test is given, you will take the quiz the day you return


                *** Students can re-test if they choose to, it is their responsibility to communicate this with Mrs. Alspach.


              Projects- you will be given at least one project to complete per quarter. If the project is not completed by the due date, 5 points will be deducted for every day late, unless prior arrangements have been made. 


    1. Progress Monitoring

                Every student in this class will be benchmarked three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) in (1) Math Concepts and Applications and (2) Math Computation. Any student who does not meet the 8th grade 50th %ile norm will be progress monitored biweekly. 



          Goal of Personal Finance

    This class is designed to help students learn how to become financially responsible adults after graduation. The units we will discuss include:


    Unit 1: Money Management (financial goals, spending, budgeting, taxes)

    Unit 2: Banking Services (banking account simulation, ATM’s, online banking)

    Unit 3: Plan for Financial Security (savings accounts, IRA, stocks, interest)

    Unit 4: You’re in Charge (creditworthiness, loans, credit cards)

    Unit 5: Transportation (buying/leasing a car, process involved, maintain a car)

    Unit 6: Automobile, Home, Medical, and Life Insurance 

    Unit 7: Consumer Protection (Rights, Responsibilities, Resolutions)