• Students are to be present and engaged in our lessons and discussions in order to become the most successful person they can be. 

    Students should strive to revise any errors they may make in order to obtain the skill that they are struggling with. 

    Students will grow both socially and emotionally in a respectful and courteous environment. They are expected to act as they should in order to create this environment. 

    "Individual Results Through Group Efforts"

    Our school year begins with reviewing of our reading and writing foundations during a 2 week long "Boot Camp" in which our students will be tasked with creating their own written works utilizing the skills that they have learned previously. We will continue to revisit these skills and grow them as the year progresses. Students can find all of the information that they would need as far as assignments through their Schoology page, and can follow along with their grades/progress using Sapphire.