Class Syllabus


    WEEKLY SCHEDULE: The weekly schedule will be posted on the eletronic calendar and students should copy the schedule in the agenda book. You can access your grade through the Home Access Center and Schoology  Check your email and grade daily. 

    CLASS MATERIALS: You will need your agenda book, online textbook, notebook, calculator and a pencil or pen in class every day.

    CALCULATORS: You must own a scientific calculator for this course (two-line display is strongly suggested). Many homework assignments require a scientific calculator. My top recommendation would be the TI-30X II S (around $15).

    EXTRA HELP: I will be available for extra help by appointment during Flex period at the end of the day or before school. Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule a tutoring session. If you are having trouble early in a chapter, ask for a tutoring session right away. If you wait until the end of a chapter to get help, it is often too late.

    MAKE-UP PROCEDURES: You have 2 school days for each day absent to make up graded work. After the two school days have passed, any incomplete work will become a zero, unless prior arrangements have been made. Trying to juggle make-up work and current work is always hard. Absences, though unavoidable, should be kept to a minimum. You are always missing something important.

    Homework assignment will be checked for 5 points. I will check for completeness and assign an appropriate grade of 5 points for full credit or half credit for incomplete work or 0points for no effort.,  Late homework will not be accepted. If you are absent the day an assignment is checked, it is your responsibility to show it to me in class the day you return. After I have recorded your points, you should check your answers with a classmate.

    One to three quizzes and a test will be given every unit. If you are absent the day before a test, you will take the test with the rest of the class as scheduled. Be prepared! If you are absent the day a quiz or test is given, you will take the assessment the day you return. You will take it during class or study hall.

    A unit project may be assigned. You can hand in the project anytime on or before the due date. The deadline will be announced and no unit projects will be accepted after that date.

    Several times during the year you will be given a project or worksheet to complete in class and hand in to be graded. If the project or worksheet is not completed by the end of the period, a deadline will be announced.