Classroom Management


    Classroom management is a team effort.  We must work together in order to develop a positive and productive classroom.  You will learn very quickly that I have high academic and character demands on all my students.  I put a lot of time and effort into everything I do, and I look for the same from you.  I am a fair and respectful person, and I expect you to follow my lead.


    I am giving you this list of my expectations so that you can be successful in this course.

    1. You should arrive to class on time.
    2. You should come to class ready to learn and work.  This includes having the necessary classroom materials and your homework.
    3. You should remain quiet while doing individual work.  Disruptive behavior during practice time will not be tolerated.
    4. You should listen to all directions very carefully.
    5. You should address myself, substitutes, and fellow students with respect.  Respect all ideas given in class and do not criticize anybody’s ideas or thoughts.
    6. You should respect all property – school property, personal property, and other’s property.
    7. You should remain seated until the dismissal bell rings.
    8. The following infractions will not be tolerated:  electronic devices, continued talking after verbal warning, talking during test administration, inappropriate language, open container of food or drink in the classroom, throwing objects, putting your head down during notes or practice time, packing up early instead of practicing as requested, completing work for another course during notes or practice time.



    Every individual has responsibility for himself or herself. Nobody else can or should make decisions for you. Fortunately, each of us has the authority to carry out that responsibility. Nobody has the right to take away the power you have over your own life. Finally, we are accountable for the decisions we make – good or bad. You live with the consequences of your decision-making and actions.