Post-Secondary Biology

  • Welcome to Post-Secondary Biology!

    This course is designed to give you an introduction to Biology and its various concepts.  Units consist of topics such as the scientific inquiry, biochemicals, cells and their processes, genetics, classification or organisms, microorganisms, plant characteristics, simple animals such as invertebrates and more complex animals such as vertebrates.  There is a lab component to this class, in which laboratory experiments will be conducted, data will be analyzed, conclusions will be made, and formal lab reports will be written.  All additional resources can be found on the course Schoology page.  For instructions on how to access the Moodle page as a parent, please see the document posted below.

    Course Outline:

    -          Scientific Inquiry & The Characteristics of Life

    -          Biochemistry

    -          Cell Structure & Function

    -          Mitosis & Meiosis

    -          DNA & Protein Synthesis

    -          Genetics & Biotechnology

    -          Evolution

    -          Ecology


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