• Welcome to Infectious Diseases!

    The interests of pathogens are often at odds with those of humans.  As a result, microbial diseases occur often, and emerging diseases are frequently in the news.  The more we disturb the balance of nature and increase world-wide travel, the more often we increase the scope of disease outbreaks.  In this rigorous, lab-based course, we will explore the fields of virology, microbiology, epidemiology, and immunology to gain an understanding of what makes us sick and how our body works tirelessly to keep us healthy.  This course is intended to prepare students seeking to advance their education a college or university, and as such will be formatted much like a traditional college-level course, thus good reading compression and critical thinking skills along with a strong work ethic will be key.  In addition, a solid background in basic biological and chemical principles as well as safe laboratory procedures is highly recommended.  All additional resources can be found on the course Schoology page.


    Tentative Course Outline:


    Unit 1: Epidemiology

    Chapters 1, 14 & 15

    Unit 2: Viruses

    Chapter 13

    Unit 3: Bacteria

    Chapters 2 – 8

    Unit 4: Immune System

    Chapters 16 – 19