Spanish II

  • Spanish II             

    Miss Reppert

    Room 19

    610-562-2241 ext. 2119


    What will we be learning?

                    In addition to reviewing vocabulary and grammar from Spanish I, students will be learning new verb tenses, Geography, Adjectives, Pronouns, Commands, Culture,


    Frequency: We will meet everyday for the entire year.


    Homework: Homework is very important. Homework will be assigned and is due the next day unless I specify another due date. Homework is expected to be completed. Homework assignments maybe collected and graded (5-10points unless I specify it will count more in the grade book) after the 3rd or 4th assignment.


    Notebook: Students are required to have a notebook. It must be a three ring binder.


    Class participation: Class participation is very important and is a subjective assessment of the student’s “positive participation” by the teacher. ALL students are encouraged to participate in class.


    Dialogues: Students will be practicing the Spanish language through conversations that will happen in class. These will incorporate topics that the students learn throughout the school year. (20-50 points)


    Quizzes: There will be no “pop” quizzes. All quizzes are announced and posted on my website. Quizzes will be given at least once a week that will deal with vocabulary and grammar points. Quizzes count once in the grade book.(5-60 points)


    Tests: There will be a test given after each chapter covered. Test count double in the grade book and will deal with all points learned in each chapter.(50-110 points)


    Projects: Projects are very important. They help to bring the culture alive and also give a better understanding of the culture. There will be at least one project the students are required to do. Projects are counted as a test grade in the grade book.(50-200 points)



    Please feel free to call me or email me at anytime with questions or concerns. My email address is Our telephone system is totally automated, so please choose option 2 and dial my extension number 2119.




                                                                                                                                                    Miss Reppert