Spanish IV

  • Spanish IV

    Course Syllabus-2014-2015





    A. Course Title:           Spanish Iv

    B. Instructor:               Turie Reppert





    A.    Required Text: Galería de arte y vida (textbook, workbook),Cultura y literatura, El Cid, Don Quijote (both for intermediate students)

    B. Additional Materials:

    1. Spanish/English and English/Spanish Dictionary

    2. A three ring binder and a set of highlighters




    This course is a continuation of SPA 101.  In this course, students will expand their knowledge of the language with an emphasis on comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Vocabulary will focus on past lessons and new vocabulary dealing with cultural readings. In addition, this course will continue working with all verb tenses in the Spanish language. Moreover, the students will have the opportunity to discuss specific audiovisual and written manifestations of the Mexican and Spanish culture.





    Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to do the following:


                A. Complete writing journal.


    B. Complete the “Galeria” Student Activities Manual.


    C. Read five more episodes from “Galeria” series.


                D. Read and explain El Cid and Don Quijote.


                E. Present a cultural project on the Mexican/Spanish culture.






    A.    Students will record in a journal dealing with questions.  All entries for the journals will be in Spanish and English.


    B.     Students will practice grammar points, listening exercises, and pronunciation included in the Activity Manual.


    C.     Students will read short stories in Galería. In addition, the students will complete of questions related to pre-reading, post reading.


    D.    Students will complete a Computer Assisted Program exercises included in Learnspanish .com.



    E. Students will use the internet and other sources available to present in class a cultural project using power point. The cultural project for Spanish 102 will be based on the Mexican/Spanish culture.




                            A. Projects                                          50-200 points

                            B. Quizzes                                           5-50 points per quiz                           

                            C. Test                                                 50-100 points per test

                            D. Classwork                                      5-50 points per assignment

                                 1. journals

                                  2. Activity Manuals

          3. oral assignments

          4. Computer assisted exercises                            

    E. Homework                                      5-10 points per homework



    During the course of the semester, you will be assigned exercises to be completed outside the classroom that will reinforce the material being covered and will prepare you for the chapter quizzes. Some homework assignments will be collected and graded. Late homework assignments will not be accepted. You will not receive points for incomplete homework. Classwork is to be finished in class and will be graded. Classwork will consist of reading, writing and oral formats.



    There will be quizzes covering listening comprehension, vocabulary, verbs, and reading. Quizzes will be in written and oral formats. There will be no pop quizzes. Test will be given after each chapter.


    Class participation

    The participation will be based on arriving on time, speaking the language to the best of your ability, the quality of preparation of outside assignments, and group presentation.


    Cultural Presentation and Plagiarism

    Specific instructions for the cultural project oral presentation will be covered in class. Students are expected not to give or receive help during tests and to fully acknowledge any ideas or materials taken from other sources for either written or oral use. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and penalties may include a grade of “F” on the paper.


    VII.          CLASS FORMAT


    The students will:

    A.        Utilize a computerized system to become proficient in listening and            speaking the Spanish language.

    B.        Complete writing journals and online forum discussions.

    C.        Complete a cultural project Power Point presentation on a Spanish- speaking country.

    D.        Use videos to reinforce sequence of topics covered in class.

    E.         Engage in group work to drill Spanish vocabulary and expressions.

    F.         Discuss differences and similarities in the Spanish-speaking world.

    G.        Complete oral, written quizzes, and a Tests.