HS Fitness Center

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    The high school fitness facility is approximately 2,300 square feet. The facility is open from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm, up to 3 days per week during the school year (M-W-F on days when school is in session). After school training is open to all HAHS students (not only athletes), as well as HAHS alumni participating in NCAA, Olympic and professional athletics. This facility is also available to all HASD employees. Equipment includes, but is not limited to: (2) treadmills, (2) stationary bikes, (1) eliptical, (2) incline benches, (2) military press stations, (5) flat benches, (4) auxiliary benches, (2) Rogers "Monster" Power Racks, (4) Auxiliary Power Racks, (2) Dead Lift Platforms, (2) Upper/Lower Pull Lat Machines, (2) Leg Extension/Curl Combo Units, (1) 4-Way Neck Station, (1) 4-man Dip Station, (1) Glute/Ham Station, (1) Calf Raise, (1) Leg Sled, Dumb Bells 2.5 to 95 lbs., Over 8,000 lbs. free weight and various training bars.

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