Forensic Science I - Texts & Readings - Great books help you understand, and they help you feel

  • Texts & Readings

    There is no formal textbook for this course.  Supplemental readings will be used.

    Students will be reading a historical non-fiction story to understand how many of the forensics science standards and techniques came to be.  They will also read and analyze an informational text to learn of the more current techniques and procedures in the study of Forensic Science. Close reading techniques will take place throughout these readings to strengthen the students ability to use informational text to solve situational problems.

    Texts and readings that are necessary for class will be posted to our schools networked folders or on this page. I will go over with all students how to navigate to these files on the network. Students should save any readings that they need to read for the course to their computer, while in school when you have a connection to the network.  

    Any hard copies given out in class are the responsibility of the student and they should bring them to each class.  Any class sets of a text should be returned in the same condition that they were received in.  

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