Forensic Science II

  • Welcome to the brand new Forensic Science II course at Hamburg Area High School.  This coming school year we will be taking a new adventure into the world of crime scenes as well as the experimental labs that assist with proving innocence or guilt. The chosen readings and crime scene simulations will immerse the students into this introduction of Forensic Science.

    This course is a 1/2 credit elective course and runs for one semester. Students will have a full semester with homework and readings to maximize their learning and they are expected to participate in the readings, course work, and crime scene simulations. 

    They will also read and analyze an informational text to learn of the more current techniques and procedures in the study of Forensic Science.  Close reading techniques will take place throughout these readings to strengthen the students ability to use original texts to solve situational problems.

    To reaffirm their knowledge students will be asked to practice through reviews, mini lab activities, or homework assignments.  These will help prepare them for their end of unit crime scene labs.

    Crime scene labs will still be part of this course, just as they had in Forensic Science I. However the labs will not end at the crime scene, but follow you into the laboratory.  This second forensic course requires biology and chemistry background from the students, the skills that they acquired in these course will transfer to the lab techniques needed for Forensic Science II.

    I look forward to Spring 2016 and sharing this new course with the students at Hamburg Area High School.

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