Forensic Science I

  • Welcome to Forensic Science I

    Welcome to the brand new Forensic Science I course at Hamburg Area High School.  This coming school year we will be taking a new adventure into the world of Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). CSI look into laws, procedures, and techniques that take place in and around the crime scene. The chosen readings and crime scene simulations will immerse the students into this introduction of Forensic Science.

    Course Description:

    This forensic science course will bring the study of crime scene investigation into the classroom.  Students will focus on the history and development of forensic science that have led to current day techniques and procedures.  Students will learn and practice current crime scene procedures making to course heavy in detailed information and lab work.  Each unit of learning that we complete will be assessed traditionally as well as through mock crime scene investigations.  Mock crime scene investigations will be as life-like as possible while taking safety into consideration.  The students should expect to have regular reports and/or presentations due after each crime scene has been analyzed and processed.  This is part 1 of 2 for the forensic science courses offered at Hamburg Area High School.

    This course is a 1/2 credit elective course and runs for one semester. Students will have a full semester with homework and readings to maximize their learning and they are expected to participate in the readings, course work, and crime scene simulations. 

    To reaffirm their knowledge students will be asked to practice through reviews, mini lab activities, or homework assignments.  These will help prepare them for their end of unit crime scene labs.


    Below is the calendar that will contain all in-class assignments, labs, projects, quizzes, tests, and homework.  The date that the assignment is labeled is the day that it is due or going to take place.  In-class assignments will be labeled as such.  If weather is to dampen an outdoor experience the calendar will be modified.


    Underneath the calendar you can find a section titles "Related Files" where I will upload files for you to access for this courses in class assignments, homework assignments, and projects.  There is also a "Related Links" section that holds websites that we will visit throughout our course. 

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