• Marketing Syllabus

    Course Objectives:

    Students will explore the intriguing world of sports and entertainment from a marketing perspective.  Students will gain knowledge about marketing in areas such as college, amateur, professional sports, and entertainment events.  In addition this course will discuss topics such as the marketing mix, endorsements, public relations issues, entertainment profits, marketing plans, recreation marketing, and careers in sports and entertainment marketing.  Students will learn all the "behind the scenes" action of advertising to the sports and entertainment arenas.  See HASD website for complete course curriculum.

    Topics to be covered:

    1.What is sports and entertainment marketing
    2.Sports and entertainment economics
    3.The marketing concept
    4.The marketing game plan
    5.The product is sports and entertainment
    6.Sports and entertainment promotion
    7.Promotional planning
    8.Selling sports and entertainment 
    9.Obtaining a career in sports and entertainment marketing

    Rules/Procedures and Computer Use Policy:

    Please refer to the HASD student handbook, Mr. Hetrich's rules/procedures packet and Mr. Hetrich's computer use policy handout.