Business Entrepreneurship

  • Business Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus

    Course Objectives:

    This course is designed to teach students about becoming an entrepreneur and their role within our economic system.  The couse will also teach students about different attributes associated with being a successful manager in the business world.


    1. Entrepreneurs in a Market Economy
    2. Developing a Business Plan
    3. Identifying and Meeting Market Needs
    4. Marketing a Business
    5. Product Distribution, Promoting, and Selling
    6. Selecting a Type of Business Ownership
    7. Planning and Tracking Finances
    8. Selecting a Location for a Business
    9. Operations Management
    10. Human Resource Management
    11. Risk Management
    Course Rules/Procedures and Computer Use Policy:

    Please refer to the HASD guidelines, Mr. Hetrich's rules/procedures packet, and Mr. Hetrich's computer use policy.